Available Courses


BIM Fundamentals

This is an introductory course to Building Information Modelling (BIM). You will learn the fundamental concepts of BIM, together with the business benefits and the critical factors for the successful implementation on projects.

This training course has been designed to enable you to understand the information management processes that are needed for a building or infrastructure project to be delivered using BIM according to ISO 19650 Part 2: Project Delivery Phase.

BIM for Operations will give you a sound understanding of the information management processes required in the operational phase of the asset lifecycle according to ISO 19650 Part 3: Operational Phase of the Assets.

BIM is widely known for achieving efficiency savings in time and cost, reducing waste and the need for re-work, however it is also extremely efficient in the management and delivery of health and safety on building and infrastructure projects.

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of BIM information, focused on delivering asset data in non-geometric form. This may sound complex, but the principles of COBie are straight forward.

BIM Academy has developed an in-depth Virtual Project training programme that offers AEC industry professionals working in SMEs or large corporations, the opportunity to experience BIM in a real-life collaborative environment.

The Infrastructure & Projects Authority’s (IPA) 2030 roadmap was released in September 2021. This document effectively renews the BIM mandate on public projects for another 10 years and makes it compulsory for organisations to carry out the sensitivity assessment process set out in ISO 19650-5.

BIM Academy’s latest online learning course offers a comprehensively designed software training course for Flixo users. Tailored for professionals eager to excel in the dynamic field of building information modeling, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to leverage Flixo effectively.