About Us


What makes BIM Academy not just another training provider?

With over 10 years in the delivery of learning and development to a global client base, our team has a focused understanding of both company and individual needs when it comes to upskilling, imparting knowledge and training delivery.

We leverage that experience to create the ideal solution for all your training and education needs in the field of BIM.

At BIM Academy, we inspire enquiring minds, enabling a paradigm of exploration into the world of digital construction and the development of new skills.

Our extensive knowledge and industry experience in complex projects means our trainers are best placed to enhance your learning experience through the use of real-world examples of BIM delivery in construction and infrastructure.

The BIM Academy Learning Experience.

Learning with BIM Academy is a whole new experience, we can build your own personal development programme, offering unmatchable content on our BIM and digital construction curriculum.

Our rich history of BIM and proven record of innovative processes form the bases of our training and the professional development of people around the world who seek real transformation and impactful results.

The BIM Academy experience engages our learners from the initial contact through to post training follow-up and support to reinforce the application of your new knowledge. Our learning and development solutions provide measurable results, that can be realised instantly.

Perform at your highest level.

BIM is fundamentally about the management of information in a digital world. Through our learning and development programmes, we will unlock your potential and help you reach the highest levels of understanding of how to implement BIM on your projects. No matter how small you start with your BIM knowledge, we will help you start something that matters.

At BIM Academy, we are motivated by the desire to improve the way people and technology work together. We believe in the power of connectivity, the spirit of exploration and the ability to drive innovation through collaboration. We are a team of visionaries, on a mission to digitally transform the built environment.