Building Information Modelling: ISO 19650-5 – Security-minded approach to Information Management

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Building Information Modelling: ISO 19650-5 – Security-minded approach to Information Management

The Infrastructure & Projects Authority’s (IPA) 2030 roadmap was released in September 2021. This document effectively renews the BIM mandate on public projects for another 10 years and makes it compulsory for organisations to carry out the sensitivity assessment process set out in ISO 19650-5.


Duration: 1.5 hours (self-led)

On the back of these renewed requirements, this course gives an overview of the process for establishing a security-minded approach to the management of information in BIM-enabled projects. Altogether, the standard describes 106 potential actions that could be taken to make the production, sharing and disposal of production secure.

Making sense of the content of ISO 19650-5 and its application on projects can be a daunting task for professionals. But in this course, the clauses described in ISO 19650-5 are organised in a process diagram, facilitating the comprehension of each of the steps required for implementing a security-minded approach. The process is divided into four modules that correspond to the outcomes that are expected to be delivered at key points in ISO 19650-5. In each module, we give examples of how the tasks listed in ISO 19650-5 impact real-life construction projects as well as the documentation that could be produced to support the implementation of the standard.

This course is self-led on our virtual learning platform.

Who should attend this course?

The ISO 19650-5 course is designed for clients, asset owners, designers, construction, commissioning and facilities managers who require a sound understanding of the implementation of information security policies, in relation to the built environment.

Key Takeaways

You will learn about the process described in ISO 19650-5, and be able to understand the requirements with regards to information security present in the latest UK BIM mandate.


On completion of this course, you will be awarded a BIM Academy BIM-training certificate, accredited in association with Northumbria University.