BIM Project Delivery

BIM Project Delivery

BIM Project Delivery

The BIM Project Delivery training course has been designed to enable you to understand the information management processes that are needed for a building or infrastructure project to be delivered using BIM according to ISO 19650 Part 2: Project Delivery Phase.

Duration: 6 hours or two 3 hour sessions

Schedule: Flexible to suit your needs


The course follows on from the BIM Fundamentals course, where information management concepts and principles are introduced as well as the ISO 19650 series.

This course will be delivered live by your BIM Academy instructor over our virtual learning platform.

Who should attend this course?

The BIM Project Delivery course will assist project clients, designers, architects, engineers and main contractors, plus sub-contractors and construction product manufacturers.

This course is for AEC professionals with some existing knowledge of BIM, those who have used or are following the guidance of ISO 19650 and have knowledge or experience of previous UK BIM standards.

This is also ideally placed for those who have completed our BIM Fundamentals course.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Overview of the basic concepts and principles of BIM project delivery.
  2. ISO 19650-2 as a standard and terminology associated with it.
  3. Review the Information Management process map.
  4. How clients set out their project Information Requirements.
  5. How all deliverables are to be issued in tenders to the client, and how the client evaluates the contents.
  6. Recognise the common data environment processes for project information management.
  7. The evaluation of the BIM Execution Plans.
  8. How to evaluate capability and capacity.

Key Takeaways

You will finish this course with a sound understanding of how to compile Project Information Requirements (PIRs), Information Standards and Exchange Information Requirements (EIRs)

In addition to understanding how to assess BIM capability, develop BIM Execution Plans and Information Delivery plans. Plus identify how to assemble appointment documentation and contract agreements.


On completion of this course, you will be awarded a BIM Academy BIM-training certificate, accredited in association with Northumbria University.

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