Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Values and Standards

Doing and saying the right thing not the easy thing.

Training and discipline will help you to do your job regardless of the struggles and discomforts. Moral courage is doing the right thing, not looking the other way when you know or see something is wrong, even if it is not a popular thing to do or say.

Doing things properly and setting the right example.

All teams need discipline. Discipline is vital in our line of work; it means that orders are carried out and everyone is confident that they will not be let down by their teammates.

Self-discipline is the best form of discipline – doing your job without being told. It depends on high personal standards that will earn you the trust and respect of your team. It gives you the courage to make the difficult choices that you will face in your career. 

Discipline helps you control fear.

Treat others as you expect to be treated.

Discrimination damages teams; it excludes members and does not give them a chance to contribute. I recognise the importance of humour, but humour must be inclusive. Humour that insults, ridicules or intimidates people is destructive and damages the team.

Respecting others is part of the trust that has to exist between you and your team; you must judge people on their abilities and not on their race, religion or sexual orientation.

Be honest with yourself and your team.

Integrity means being honest, not lying, cheating or stealing. If you lack integrity, your team cannot trust what you say or do; they cannot rely on you and your team will suffer.

Support the organisation and your team.

Loyalty is about supporting your team, looking after and helping them, putting their needs before your own, and not letting them down, even when the going gets tough. In return, they will do the same for you. 

Team and goals first, me second.

Teamwork – none of us works on our own, we always work in a team.

Teams can only be effective if we all play our part in full, putting the team and the goals before our own needs, and trusting each other totally.