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Real World Examples

Case studies are a good way of demonstrating the real-world value of BIM implementation by using clearly defined metrics to measure key performance indicators.

Case Study 1: 100 Binney Street, Massachusetts, as per below:

– 10-storey office building built-in 2007.
Value of coordination and clash detection by running through some numbers as an example.
Case Study 2: Leeds Arena, UK, as per below:

– £60million multi-purpose arena built-in 2013.
Case study 3: Sydney Opera House

– Multi-venue performing arts centre at Sydney Harbour.

– BIM Academy supported a major project to provide specialist facilities management (FM) technical capability for Sydney Opera House.
Mass Transit Rail Corporation (MTR) is regarded as one of the world’s leading railway operations, carrying on average 3.6 million passengers per day.

There was the development of the project which investigated the feasibility and business case for collating and linking asset data from various 3D digital and 2D conventional formats derived from ongoing rail infrastructure projects and migrating this data to a new asset and facilities management systems.