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ISO 19650 Series

ISO 19650 is a series of international standards that define the collaborative processes for the effective management of information. Related to the delivery and operational phase of assets when using building information modelling (BIM).

Based on the UK 1192 series. The ISO 19650 series enables teams to minimise wasteful activities and increase predictability around cost and time.

This is achieved through a common approach to the management of information
Appointing Party (client) – A client, building owner or an end-user – owner of the project. The Appointing Party is receiving and/or managing all the information as well as work and goods provided by the other project stakeholders.

Lead Appointed Party – This party is assigned directly by the client and takes the role of a coordinator between the Delivery Team and the Appointing Party. It can assign tasks further to its appointed parties.

Appointed Party – Designers, contractors, suppliers, vendors. All parties are responsible for creating and providing information, work or goods according to the contract (appointment) with the Lead Appointed Party.

Project Team – All parties involved in the delivery process of an asset. A part of the project team is both a party receiving information (Appointing Party) as well as parties creating information (Lead Appointed Party and Appointed Parties)

Delivery Team – All stakeholders responsible for the creation of information. The delivery team comprises Lead Appointed Party and their Appointed Parties. Depending on the contract type it might be only one delivery team or multiple.

Task Team – The team within the Delivery team (it might be also one person) responsible for performing a specific task. For example a structural designer or a contractor with its subcontractors and suppliers.
Here is the interface between these parties and teams in terms of information management function. A colour coded, simplified version of this image, reproduced with permission from BSI, features in this provide context to the parties, teams and activities.