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Integrating Information into Existing Systems

The majority of asset owners will have existing assets and existing systems that they use to manage those assets. 

New standardised data created using the ISO 19650 part 3 process needs to be able to integrate into these systems. Either when a new project is handed over or when a trigger event happens that creates new information. 
Typically asset information stored in existing systems is poorly structured and maintained. This tends to be because of the manual nature of how the data is updated. 

The integration of new rigorous consistent data in a standardised format is critical to the success of any operational system. 
To avoid the risks identified in the previous slide, it is recommended that a staged approach to the integration of new information is considered. 

1) any new information received should be stored as a record. 
2) this information should be validated, there are digital tools to support this, but some manual validation may also be needed. 
3) the validated information should be stored as a record
4) the validated information should then be integrated individually into the various systems required. 

This may seem like some unnecessary steps, but attempts to directly load new information into old systems tends to fail.