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Benefits of BIM

So there are lots of reasons why, but if I had to pick the ones I think most importantly it would be these. I won’t explain all of these, but just covering the top 3:

To make a decision, you need the right information: Whether it’s to buy something, to choose one design over another, to hire more people, whatever it is – you need the information at the right time. This is at the heart of BIM, identifying what information is needed, by who and when.

Consistency: you will work with many different partners and suppliers, but you are all working toward the same goals. To achieve them in the most productive and efficient ways, we need to be following the same standards, methods and procedures so that what we do is compatible.

Collaboration is at the heart of it all: by getting consistent process and using the right tools and technology, we can collaborate much more effectively and be in sync with each other throughout a project. More time can be spent delivering the job than trying to communicate