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Welcome to the Delegation for Performance and Productivity Programme


We’re pleased to let you know that you’re confirmed for your Ryder Architecture programme.

Effective delegation is one of the most valuable skills you can master, and it reduces your workload and develops employee skills. Delegating prepares employees who work for you to handle your responsibilities and simultaneously allows you to advance to other career opportunities within your organisation.

Delegation is often one of the most challenging skills for anyone to master. However, you can learn the skill. This programme will explore many facets of delegation, including when to delegate and to whom to delegate. We will also go through the delegation process step by step and learn about techniques to overcome problems.

What you will learn

  • What is delegation, and how does it fit into your job.
  • What is empowerment, and how can I empower others.
  • How to use the five step process for effective delegation.
  • How to give better instructions for better delegation results.
  • Common delegation pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • Ways to monitor delegation results.

What topics are covered

  • Why delegate? What is delegation?
  • Why empower? What is empowerment?
  • Mindsets.
  • Intention and reflection.
  • The delegate selects the right person.
  • Refection, delegator and delegatee.
  • Reading people.
  • Understanding the task.
  • The art of effective feedback.
  • Adopting a systematic approach to delegation.
  • Creating a personal delegation action plan.

The Course Schedule

To help you plan, here are the timings for each training session; please keep in mind that these may change.

Tuesday 03 May 2022Workshop 1 – You, the Delegator13:00 – 16:00Classroom
Friday 13 May 2022Workshop 2 – Delegator and Delegatee13:00 – 16:00Virtual (Teams)
Tuesday 31 May 2022Workshop 3 – The Task/Feedback13:00 – 16:00Virtual (Teams)
Tuesday 14 June 2022Workshop 4 – The System and Factors13:00 – 16:00Classroom

The above timings are in local UK time.

Virtual Event

The virtual Teams event should already have been sent and in your calendar.