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Trainee Presentations/Evaluations Copy

The BIM Practitioner course material will be used to facilitate the Train the Trainer course. At the end of
the course, you will plan and present a 30-minute lesson to the BIM Academy trainer for evaluation. The lesson should be 20-25 minutes in duration, allowing for 5 minutes of feedback.

Subjects will be assigned to trainees on Thursday 3rd February 2022.

NumberNameSubject LessonDay/Time
01Mr.KRP.Satheesh KumarBuilding Information ModellingWed 15:00
02Mr.P.NandhakumarBIM According to ISO 19650Wed 15:30
03Ms.S.AnitaThe Common Data EnvironmentWed 16:00
04Mr.P.A.PrabakaranOverview of ISO 19650-2: Delivery PhaseWed 16:30
05Mr.T.AnandParties, Teams and ActivitiesThu 15:00
06Ms.U.Sindhu VaardiniOverview of ISO 19650-3: Operational PhaseThu 15:30
07Mr.R.JawaharTrigger eventsThu 16:00
08Mr.S.SivakumarSmart Connected BuildingsThu 16:30
09Mr.S.SubbiahUse CasesThu 17:00
Mr.KRP.Satheesh Kumar – Building Information Modelling
Mr.P.Nandhakumar – BIM According to ISO 19650

Ms.S.Anita – The Common Data Environment

Mr.P.A.Prabakaran – Overview of ISO 19650-2: Delivery Phase
Mr.T.Anand – Parties, Teams and Activities
Ms.U.Sindhu Vaardini – Overview of ISO 19650-3: Operational Phase
Mr.S.Sivakumar – Smart Connected Buildings
Mr.S.Subbiah – Use Cases