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Organisational BIM Strategy Copy

This training course provides the methodologies for implementing BIM transformation and effecting digital change within an organisation. It provides information and exercises on how to consider an organisational change for BIM following the developments of any national-level implementation.

The course has been designed to help you to begin implementing change within your organisation. It is however very important to highlight the significance of collaboration, group working and consultation in every aspect of this course. Organisational change can’t be developed and delivered in isolation by one or two individuals but must be the collective work of many stakeholders across an organisation. In this respect, the training course is anticipated to be used as a guide for you to learn from and in turn facilitate the exercises and workshops across a wider audience within the organisation you are supporting through this change.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Introduce the methodologies used to implement the change
  2. Understand why the organisation might need to transform
  3. Develop what the scope of the BIM programme might look like
  4. Consider how to successfully implement BIM
  5. Map out who the key stakeholders are who need to be involved
  6. Work out when each element of the transformation needs to be delivered
  7. Enable you to facilitate these activities across a wider audience within your own organisation

Key Takeaways

The success of BIM and digital transformation within an organisation often comes from effective leadership and change management rather than technical delivery.

This course is focused on developing the reasons and benefits for implementation to answer the question of why an organisation might need change and then developing how to understand what needs to be delivered.