Autodesk Revit Bootcamp – Cohort 1


Welcome to the BIM Academy Autodesk Revit Bootcamp! This Bootcamp on Modelling with Revit will focus on designing and developing facilities using BIM software. BIM is a substantial shift from the traditional computer-aided drafting (CAD) method of drawing with vector file-based lines that combine to represent objects. Today’s architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO) industry is evolving to utilize a BIM model or static digital twin at every stage of the facility, ranging from design through construction to operations management. This Bootcamp’s focus is to cover geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities, and properties of building components (for example, manufacturers’ details). These may sound a lot to comprehend at first, but together, we will help each other learn the materials. I promise you that by the end of the Bootcamp, you’ll all walk away knowing more about modelling in your projects.

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Course Includes

  • 12 Lessons
  • 43 Topics